Monolith is the world’s leading renewable hydrogen and clean materials company. The Clean Hydrogen produced by Monolith will be the key to providing the high-energy, low-emission solutions as we make the transition to a decarbonized world.

We are the first company to make methane pyrolysis work on a commercial and global scale, using 100% renewable electricity to break down abundant natural gas into pure hydrogen and carbon – with no release of CO2. Soon, we will be using renewable biogas as the feedstock, making our process carbon negative.

From this innovative process, Monolith produces cleanly made, low-emission carbon using our Clean Hydrogen and this cleanly-made carbon, we can then create a wide range of economically sustainable clean materials, including Carbon Black and Green Ammonia.

Monolith is now the largest producer of Clean Hydrogen and operates the largest facility of its kind in the world.

We manufacture affordable Clean Hydrogen at a commercial scale today

Our processes use 100% renewable electricity

When bio-methane is used, our processes are carbon-negative